The services of our All Inclusive hotel in Marotta

Private beach

Count the steps: one, two, three… and you are already at the finish line. Our hotel in Marotta of Fano has a private beach and everything you need is already there; so the children arrive at the sea in an instant and do not get tired. And you don’t have to sweat 7 swimsuits to carry the equipment. We reserve an umbrella for you, you have sunbeds where you can take a sweet nap.

Restaurant with local products at km0

… And after a whole morning or day on the beach it’s finally time to eat. You sit in our seafront room and while you enjoy the sea that still shines, we begin to take care of your appetite. But if you are thinking of the usual menu, you are wrong. In every dish that our chef Luca prepares there is much more than what you see (which already, we bet, would be enough to conquer you). Each dish means “tasting” closely the food and wine tradition of our land; it means enhancing the work of small farmers and breeders. And it means having a menu that changes according to the fresh products of the day. We select only top quality meat and fish. Because we, as a family, like to eat well. And you are one of the family.

All inclusive

When you arrive at our all-inclusive hotel you only have to do one thing: switch off and stop thinking about anything. No more homework, no more always looking for different things to cook, no more “duty” for the rest of the year. At the Hotel San Marco, our all-inclusive formula will pamper you with everything you need to experience a give me more holiday: full board with drinks at meals, private beach with reserved umbrella and sunbeds, private and bookable parking (max 12 seats) directly at the hotel, bike rental for a fee.

With a little supplement you can taste

Meals on the outdoor veranda

At the Hotel San Marco you can enjoy a fantastic panorama even during meals!! In our outdoor veranda, right in front of the sea, we have reserved a space for those who want to eat in peace (maximum 5 tables available)

Private Parking

A real holiday for us has a rule: you never have to stress yourself out to find parking. That’s why in the whole town of Marotta, parking is free and moreover the Hotel San Marco has a private parking that can be booked for a fee for a maximum of 12 seats. You don’t need to get to the sea: the beach is 15 m from the hotel; not even to reach the center: two rides on the cycle path that crosses the entire seafront are enough. We’ve already told you that the location of our hotel in the Marche is top notch, right?

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