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Hi, I’m Giuseppe and GFH is my family story.
I am very proud of it; do you want to listen to it?
I’d like to share it with you …

I know, you must be wondering what GFH means.
Before you go crazy to speculate on hypotheses, I immediately solve the riddle: GFH stands for “Grossi Family Hospitality”.
These are three words, but perhaps to tell you the story they contain I need a few more.

It’s 1994. My wife Cinzia and I, after a few years spent in bars and restaurants, decided to start a new adventure together (no, I’m not talking about marriage, we were already stuck on that, alas …): the management of the Hotel Niagara, a small family hotel in Marotta, in the Marche region.

It has been 3 hard and intense years: in the family we have always been perfectionists and we left nothing to chance. In every room everything had to be always clean and tidy; the scents that came from the kitchen had to conquer our guests even before they sat down at the table. And they had to keep tickling their palate even when they got up …

In that period we learned and understood many things.
But one above all has changed our lives: the smiles of our customers, their “Thank you, we had a great time”, those “It was like spending time with the family”.

San marco, the hotel in the marche by the sea: let the challenge begin

When we left the Niagara Hotel, those voices still rang in our heads. And they made us more and more convinced of what we wanted to create with our hotel in the Marche: an idea of hospitality that was “this hotel is a home, yours”.
So when we took the Hotel San Marco in Marotta, in 2001, we did it with clear ideas: we wanted a family hotel in the Marche that was different from all the others. What, once discovered, when booking a new holiday, you did not need to search far and wide for hotels by the sea in the Marche.
It was enough to take the mobile phone and dial our number: “Hello, hello! Of course, your room awaits you; we can’t wait to see you again “, would have been the response from the other side.

Reinforcements arrive: alessandro and francesco's adventure in managing hotels in the marche begins

Alessandro and Francesco, the “little ones” of the house, grew up on “bread and days in the hotel”. They have seen us working impossible hours, coming home exhausted or maybe not coming back at all.
Because during the summer months, when the activity was intense, we were always in the hotel. Everyday. Night and day.
Until 2007 they too dedicated their summers to the Hotel San Marco. To then spend the winter turning the world around: the United States, Australia, New Zealand …
Then, as often happens, there comes a time when the “little ones” grow up and need to make their way. That of Ale and Francy begins in 2013 when they choose to take the Prestige Hotel together, a hotel in Marotta di Fano by the sea. Ah, how much they cut their teeth with that experience …

an alternative holiday idea, let's go for it!

Casali Marchigiani

When you live such beautiful and intense adventures you have two paths: either you choose that you need to completely change course to fulfill yourself or you throw yourself into even more exciting challenges. Needless to tell you what Alessandro and Francesco chose, right?
In 2016 Alessandro opened the Hotel Sole Resort, a hotel with spa in the Marche region, in Marotta di Fano, which has its flagships in the splendid wellness center and seafront location.
In 2018 Francesco launched a new project: the Casali Marchigiani. Having abandoned the Marche coast, he decides to devote himself to the management of 3 historic villas totally immersed in the heart of the countryside of Ostra, a small village in the province of Ancona.

A lovely place, a new challenge!

We can't say ``no`` at palazzo bello

But now that I’m in the dance … why not dance to new melodies (indeed, verses)?
And in 2020 these verses sound more or less like this: Always dear to me was this hermetic hill …
The new challenge is called Hotel Palazzo Bello and Alessandro and Francesco are preparing a nice transfer to Recanati!

GFH: the answer when you ask yourself "Where to go on holiday in the Marche"

Whoops … I know that the “extra words” I was talking about at the beginning have become many more …
But basically nothing better than our history can make you understand the idea of hospitality that accompanies our work.

Hospitality is family.
Hospitality is human relationship.
Hospitality is making you feel unique in a unique place for a unique occasion.

Hospitality is GFH.

Still doubts about where to go on holiday in the Marche?


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