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Escursions, Activities and unforgettable experiences
in the beautiful Le Marche region

Le Marche’s enogastronomic culture is the result of several civilizations and peoples that have succeeded in the course of the centuries and the mix of peasant traditions, made of simple ingredients and frugal meals, and the opulence of noble and clerical banquets, The abundance and sophistication of the food represented true manifestations of power.
From the geographic point of view, the Marche have a heterogeneous territory, alternating with the sea, mountains and hills that, consequently, offer several agro-food specialties that have nothing to envy to other Italian regions.
Here is a quick, but partial, excursion to Le Marche’s gastronomy

* Winery “Bruscia”: 9 Km
* Winery and local products “Guerrieri”: 14 Km
* Winery and local products “Claudio Morelli”: 14 Km
* Winery “Umani Ronchi”: 27 Km
* High quality Cartoceto Olive Oil : 30 Km
* Winery and local products “Moroder”: 56 km
* Acqualagna “Truffle Capital”: 57 km

Those who love nature in the Marche will not be disappointed! The Marche natural heritage is impressive: almost 90,000 hectares of land are covered by two national parks, four regional parks and six natural reserves. Spring, summer and fall are the best seasons for a dive in the green, to breathe pure air in full lungs, to forget the stress of the city and toning the body and mind. As? By hiking, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, or going down the coast, practicing windsurfing, kitesurfing or sup (Stan Up Paddling)

* Trekking in the beautiful and spectacular “Furlo Gorge” known for the famous itinerary leading to the so-called Duce Head: Km 45
* Trekking on the highest mountain in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Monte Catria: Km 50
* Trekking on the fascinating and mysterious Mount Nerone between grooves and perch: Km 70
* From Marotta to the gentle hills of Le Marche: Departure directly from Hotel San Marco
* Itinerary from Marotta to the tuffs valley: Departure directly from Hotel San Marco
* From Marotta to Mondolfo (One of fte most beautiful villages in Italy): Departure directly from Hotel San Marco

The Marotta Windsurf Center is located in Marotta (PU) on the Cristoforo Colombo seafront. The Center was founded in 1999 to encourage windsurfing and passionate about this fantastic sport. At the Center, in addition to the windsurfing school, surf kitesurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) are offered seasonal or yearly storage of their equipment.
The center is open all year and thanks to its exclusive concession, it benefits from 1300 m² of space, of which 220 m² is covered, including storage room, meeting room and bathroom with shower, even for the winter.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle)
The stand up paddle (also called SUP) is a variation of the surf where you are standing on a board similar to surf but with greater volume to support the athlete’s weight by using a propulsion paddle. This sport has had a considerable growth in recent years worldwide, with many practitioners also in Italy.
In the centers listed below you can also rent SUP boards or if you prefer, you can
bring your board and keep it at Hotel San Marco.
In front of the hotel you can practice SUP in complete tranquility and harmony.

* Windsurf, Kitesurfing & SUP Center Marotta: Km 2
* Windsurf Center “Lido delle Giade” Torres of Fano: km 2
* Kitesurf & Windsurf Senigallia: km 16
* Senigallia Kitesurfing: Km 21